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SynyFlow has been used very mature in medical packaging and multi-cavity mould of food packaging field.SynyFlow takes advanced thermal analysis technology to ensure the consistency of the pressure of each cavity and temperature.A nozzle could be molding 2 cavity,4 cavity,8 cavity and other products by the self-developed Multi nozzle side gating nozzle and it is good for the blance of multi cavity injection moulds and reduce the pressure in achieved the highest 128 cavity products by Multi nozzle side gating nozzle it has been greatly improving the customers production efficiency and helping customer to save the injection mold cost.
SynyFlow has been committed to high-end cosmetics packaging research and development.Such as PETG,PCTG,PCTA and PET bottle embryo material.hit high transparency of products.good gate separation effect.beautiful white wire drawing salivate ect.

* The splitter plate SynyFlow designed uniform heat distribution and ensure consistent temperature.
* SynyFlow's heater on the splitter plate are distributed reasonably and make the splitter plate heated evenly.
* To reduce heat loss between the splitter plate and the mold, SynyFlow utilizes low thermal conductivity metal parts (pads).

* SynyFlow’s splitter plate is designed reasonably so that the temperature around the sprue and setting temperature are controlled within ± 1 ℃.

* System is a multi-gating on one nozzle system, with minimum pitch 10mm.
* Superb flow balance between each gate.
* Suitable for precise fan and gear.




* Nozzles parts is resistant to wear and tear, and corrosion resistance is strong.
* Easy heater replace without disassemble mold.
* Copper sleeve heater is with longer service life to uniform heat transfer.
* Specialized channel design for multi cavity system.

* The jet nozzle can be designed small to meet the small product mold applications.
* Open & valve, Compact size nozzle & superb flow balance are suitable for multi cavity system

Application Cases

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