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SynyFlow is successful in special engineering plastics aspect and entering into the overseas market bacause of having independent R&D of the sharp pin point and valve gating system.,such as PBT,PA,LCP,PPS,PEEK,PEI by adding 60% glass fiber material.

This series of hot nozzle with advantages of strong corrosion,chemical,resistance of chemical,wear resisting,high temperature,durable life,uniform heating,accurate temperature control to keep stable heating and could get ride of the carbonization caused by the temperature maldistribution,discoloration and the unbalanced color filling etc defects.

SynyFlow has its own patent on nozzle tip technology structure.Considering the short cycle on injection of mobiles and electrical products,high injection pressure,frequent color changing ect,it solved the color changing problem and could be changed flexible on white and black.


* We use the copper sets of heaters, so the hot nozzles are evenly heated with accurate temperature control.
* Nozzles parts is resistant to wear and tear, and corrosion resistance is strong.
* Easy heater replace without disassemble mold.
* Copper sleeve heater is with longer service life to uniform heat transfer.
* Specialized channel design for multi cavity system.
* Open & valve, Compact size nozzle & superb flow balance are suitable for multi cavity system

Application Cases

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