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* You only need to provide us with basic information according to our requirements, SynyFlow can offer best solutions for customers.
* SynyFlow provides and designs the most reasonable splitter plate for customers.

Manifold Characteristics

* According to the plastic types and injection requirements, SynyFlow adopts different steel to meet the needs of splitter plate on the chemistry and machinery.
* We design best splitter plate and produce it according to the customer request .

Manifold Thermal Analysis


* The splitter plate SynyFlow designed uniform heat distribution and ensure consistent temperature.
* SynyFlow's heater on the splitter plate are distributed reasonably and make the splitter plate heated evenly.
* To reduce heat loss between the splitter plate and the mold, SynyFlow utilizes low thermal conductivity metal parts (pads).
* SynyFlow’s splitter plate is designed reasonably so that the temperature around the sprue and setting temperature are controlled within ± 1 ℃.

Manifold Flow Analysis

* The splitter plate runner SynyFlow designed are reasonably distributed, and keep consistent with plastic flow .
* SynyFlow’s splitter plate is processing smoothly after molding to ensure good plastic flow.
* SynyFlow’s hot runner is without blind angle, glitches, and use the advanced fluid polishing machine for molding.

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